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Plots, past and future [28 Dec 2014|10:13pm]

Just wanted to make a new post to raise awareness of the plot discussion which evolved in the Christmas topic. Please come up to speed there if you haven't already.

As I read through that discussion, I'm reminded of a related topic that needs to be discussed: how to arrange the plots/RP, this time around. Shrilk had a good reputation because things were happening often, which I think stems from: 1) it had "writers" in effect, in addition to organic smaller-plots, and 2) players there were good with ad-libbing, plus 3) it had natural conflict, and the writers weren't afraid to sometimes not leave things on a happily-ever-after note.

So it seems there's a little slider-bar between fully centralized and fully decentralized we should establish. Similarly writer vs. actor. Maybe this varies from sphere to sphere, or maybe not. As Kosa said, the "strict RP" atmosphere was central to the whole concept of spheres, and frankly I think this was probably a contributor to its demise, since writing and acting require commitment and coordination (and artistry, among at least a couple people), not just "showing up whenever" and lighthearted frolicking, which is where the Internet really excels. We need to be sure that if we go that way again, it's going to attract and appeal to a significant enough number of participants to make it ACTUALLY FUN for others.

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Merry Christmas, you wonderful old TinyMUX!! [26 Dec 2014|05:26pm]


Note last login of Fri Dec 26 17:10:22.22647 2014.

Will be performing a few more tests to be sure things are "sane" prior to uploading it somewhere real, plus may or may not update it from 2.4 to the current TinyMUX rev of 2.10. Of course I will post again with relevant information when this occurs.

The last clean shutdown of the system, for anyone curious, was May 22, 2013 11:53:12.

So I guess the next logical question is: where do we go from here? Just keep it preserved somewhere as-is for the nostalgic die-hards? Or find a new handful of people to breathe additional life into it?

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Spheres "reboot" status [18 Dec 2014|05:43pm]

You ask; I deliver. Well, kind of.

I got a mux server running earlier today with the default distribution database. I also have the old spheres db/config files from Obasan, so I'm hopeful that it will not be too much hassle to merge "new server" with "old database." Stay tuned for updates... which I can't imagine will be long in coming.
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Followers, opine! [14 Sep 2014|09:35am]

How many spheroids are still left? Be it on LJ or elsewhere?

2014 marks 15 years (!) since it originally became public, if my math is correct -- I believe development started summer 1998, and it went live in spring of 1999. I still think it would be neat to have a reunion event of sorts but maybe less exciting if it turns out only 3 people show up. And I'm two of them. ;)

But I can experiment with getting the system restored and back to life if there is interest.
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Unfinished Business [26 May 2014|11:27pm]

So, unfortunately, I think we're all pretty aware of how long it's been since Spheres was last up. Which stinks. But I was curious, for those of you left who even still look at LJ and this community:

What unfinished business did you have left? What plots did you want to finish up/play out that may likely never happen?

I had a few, myself. Finishing the study of Carteth's abilties (Something near noone will know about, anyway. Heh!) Doing away with the final magical energies in the northeast area of Shrilk. The rebirth of a more militaristic Shkrill via the new queen (And I was hoping to make a massive thing happen with that, cause another war, and finally have a complete downfall of said Shkrill, despite them being probably my favorite clan.

Plus a couple things that were happening over in Argalia that never really got a proper chance to go anywhere.

How about you?
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"Skrill" [03 Jul 2012|12:43pm]

I see they are a payment option on ebay. I can't help but imagine a large group of gryphons extorting money from ebay buyers.
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And we're back up! [24 Feb 2012|01:40am]

Phew! I don't care how quiet the place gets, I'd never want to see it /gone/.

Now that Spheres is up and running again, come join in and make the place feel populated!
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[10 Feb 2012|02:33pm]

This is getting a little depressing. ;.;
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[06 Feb 2012|10:28pm]

Oh dear god it's down!

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Ganna bite! [16 Aug 2011|08:50pm]

[ mood | grumpy ]

Alright, critters and creatures. We were starting to do really well for a bit there. We were getting between five to eight people about, most of which I /DON'T/ think were just alts of the same people (for once!)

All of a sudden we got quiet again. This is no good! The Winter Festival should not be the only time people come around (Which we didn't even HAVE the last year or two, by the way! *grump*)

Get your tails on, already. Should we have a specific Spheres night, where people come on most of all? I know everyone is busy and what have you, given Life is what Life is.

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Calling All Wizards [23 Mar 2010|12:33am]

The guest is back, wanting a character!
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There's life! [22 Mar 2010|11:00pm]

Mon Mar 22 22:59:11 2010
Player Name On For Idle S Species
Hersy 0:01 0s F Gryphon
Alyph 1:49 2m M Gryphon
Londikin 5:02 39m M Canaer
Stormrider 11:54 8m M Gryphon
Blaze 18:26 2h M Gryphon
5 Players logged in, 47 record, no maximum.
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Any wizards about? [21 Mar 2010|11:43pm]

There's an actual bonafide live actual new guest on Spheres MUX right now!
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Ruffled Feathers [18 Mar 2010|10:31pm]

So posting about the death of spheres is enough to ruffle feathers enough to get everyone speaking hmm? :D

I'll see if I can get a client downloaded while here in Uganda... but being 7 hours ahead of the east coast means I probally won't see too many people around.

Still so much I want to happen to/do with poor lil Faleen..
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Death of spheres? [18 Mar 2010|10:30am]

Or does anyone still log on? I haven't had a way to log in myself for quite some time. Mostly due to working in Africa.
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[01 Jan 2010|11:29am]

Player Name On For Idle S Species
Hersy 0:00 0s F Gryphon
1 Player logged in, 47 record, no maximum.
Fri Jan 01 00:44:31 2010

It sure was a lonely New Years in Spheres...

*hint hint*
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Info Files Update [12 Feb 2009|10:40pm]

Hey guys :) I figured this was the easiest way to get ahold of most of you. I'm editing the Spheres Info files on Rolarii at the moment. Since the file contains the info files for all of the spheres, I figure I'd open it up to the rest of the Sphere Wizards. If there are any edits that need to be made for any of the spheres, let me know! I can make the changes before sending the file back to Obasan for upload.

Alandra, Dark'n'Idle Wiz of Chaos, Death, and Muffins
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Me! [03 Feb 2009|04:13am]

I will be attempting to get back online, and active in my various alts on the game. I have the time now!

So, anyone out there still active with the dragons, gryphons, felines, or others?


I'll looking to try and poke people into RP again! I miss my alts! Here's hoping I can remember them all. ^_^
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@gryphon [26 Mar 2008|10:19pm]

A little off topic here, but wanted to pass along this link:

San Jose Falcon Cam

"Nearly as much fun as the global!"
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Hey everyone... [21 Mar 2008|11:56pm]

[ mood | impressed ]

Just wanted to say - thanks for keeping the RP rocking on Spheres. :)

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