Heyyooooo! Vault Hunter Gryph! (kosamiargi) wrote in spheresmux,
Heyyooooo! Vault Hunter Gryph!

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Ganna bite!

Alright, critters and creatures. We were starting to do really well for a bit there. We were getting between five to eight people about, most of which I /DON'T/ think were just alts of the same people (for once!)

All of a sudden we got quiet again. This is no good! The Winter Festival should not be the only time people come around (Which we didn't even HAVE the last year or two, by the way! *grump*)

Get your tails on, already. Should we have a specific Spheres night, where people come on most of all? I know everyone is busy and what have you, given Life is what Life is.
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