Heyyooooo! Vault Hunter Gryph! (kosamiargi) wrote in spheresmux,
Heyyooooo! Vault Hunter Gryph!

Unfinished Business

So, unfortunately, I think we're all pretty aware of how long it's been since Spheres was last up. Which stinks. But I was curious, for those of you left who even still look at LJ and this community:

What unfinished business did you have left? What plots did you want to finish up/play out that may likely never happen?

I had a few, myself. Finishing the study of Carteth's abilties (Something near noone will know about, anyway. Heh!) Doing away with the final magical energies in the northeast area of Shrilk. The rebirth of a more militaristic Shkrill via the new queen (And I was hoping to make a massive thing happen with that, cause another war, and finally have a complete downfall of said Shkrill, despite them being probably my favorite clan.

Plus a couple things that were happening over in Argalia that never really got a proper chance to go anywhere.

How about you?
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