Hastka the Hippogriff (hastka) wrote in spheresmux,
Hastka the Hippogriff

Merry Christmas, you wonderful old TinyMUX!!

Note last login of Fri Dec 26 17:10:22.22647 2014.

Will be performing a few more tests to be sure things are "sane" prior to uploading it somewhere real, plus may or may not update it from 2.4 to the current TinyMUX rev of 2.10. Of course I will post again with relevant information when this occurs.

The last clean shutdown of the system, for anyone curious, was May 22, 2013 11:53:12.

So I guess the next logical question is: where do we go from here? Just keep it preserved somewhere as-is for the nostalgic die-hards? Or find a new handful of people to breathe additional life into it?

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