Hastka the Hippogriff (hastka) wrote in spheresmux,
Hastka the Hippogriff

Plots, past and future

Just wanted to make a new post to raise awareness of the plot discussion which evolved in the Christmas topic. Please come up to speed there if you haven't already.

As I read through that discussion, I'm reminded of a related topic that needs to be discussed: how to arrange the plots/RP, this time around. Shrilk had a good reputation because things were happening often, which I think stems from: 1) it had "writers" in effect, in addition to organic smaller-plots, and 2) players there were good with ad-libbing, plus 3) it had natural conflict, and the writers weren't afraid to sometimes not leave things on a happily-ever-after note.

So it seems there's a little slider-bar between fully centralized and fully decentralized we should establish. Similarly writer vs. actor. Maybe this varies from sphere to sphere, or maybe not. As Kosa said, the "strict RP" atmosphere was central to the whole concept of spheres, and frankly I think this was probably a contributor to its demise, since writing and acting require commitment and coordination (and artistry, among at least a couple people), not just "showing up whenever" and lighthearted frolicking, which is where the Internet really excels. We need to be sure that if we go that way again, it's going to attract and appeal to a significant enough number of participants to make it ACTUALLY FUN for others.

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More over, I think this is a good position to chat about the Core. That's always been the best area for simple frolicking; literally anything within the loose 'rules' of the Core were free to happen. Any interaction of any kind. As well, the OOC room wasn't used quite enough for people that wanted to just simply banter without being fully in role. I don't think these are things that have to be forced by anyone to happen, they should just be more specifically mentioned so people get the idea to use them.

As far as the idea of destroying Mythrayel, what might be neat with that idea is that the area can then be something of an easy "free-for-all" place to RP. RP would have to fit the idea the place is screwed, but there would be plenty of freedom to DO whatever and FIND whatever people want to play around with, especially with the established rules of how tech and items may or may not be able to cross into other Spheres.
It's Zero Dark Thirty in the morning, and I've only had one cup of coffee. Brainramblings may not be entirely coherent, so please bear with me.

The idea of completely destroying Mythrayel isn't one I'm overly fond of.. it was my first sphere, both as a character and a sphere wiz. And while the concept of "kill your darlings" can make for a good storyline, I'm thinking we just.. maim them instead. For Science!

Specifics will need to wait until Ran opens the game back up so I can wander around and do some reading/plotting. The idea kicking around in my foggy brain this morning is as follows:

Mythrayel was modern tech, which means there was scientific experimentation going on. Something Bad (tm) happened, and the majority of the sphere was rendered uninhabitable. My brain is thinking something along the lines of Pripyat and Chernobyl. Buildings etc remaining intact, but the vast majority of the sphere is uninhabitable. The areas around the interfaces with the other spheres is somewhat better - maybe a small settlement or so, but no vast population centers.

It would keep the sphere "open", but be an in-game reason why there's not much activity there. People would be able to venture in and out, but there would be a significant risk involved the closer one got to the Pyramid.

Then again, we could always just turn it into a post-apocalyptic wasteland, too. That might be amusing. :)

Another OOC Question regarding this is "why?". Well, it would condense the world somewhat, for starters. Also, what sort of ramifications would there be for the other spheres upon the destruction of a neighboring area? Why did the Core computer allow it to happen? What does that mean for the other areas? And as Kosa said, it could then become a "free for all" type place.

Plans within plans are formulating. I'm letting any major decisions regarding any of my spheres wait until I've had a chance to walk the silent halls again, however.
The funny part is, I was specifically thinking a Pripyat-level situation, myself. Perhaps because I have a massive love for the real place, specifically for how bizarre and unnatural it really is. So we're probably on the same brainwave there.

Also, I /totally/ understand not wanting to necessarily destroy things, as well. It's very hard to sort of 'let go' to something when so much work has been put into it. So don't think I'm pressing for anyone to break any of their own toys. Hee.
Sigh. note to self. Before posting, make sure that you're actually logged in. :P Otherwise it screens your comment and doesn't post it. So yeah, Ran? Feel free to delete that other one.

So a thought occurred to me as I was thinking about the spheres, etc.. Am I the only one that really cares about the goings on in the other spheres, aside from Shrilk? Would people be interested in non-gryphonic storylines?

I've been tossing some ideas re: the depopulation of Mythrayel in my head, and wasn't sure who'd be interested in playing something out with it.

Can't say I've got any input on this, I was an active gryphon but I'm just the worst when it comes to plot ideas