Hastka the Hippogriff (hastka) wrote in spheresmux,
Hastka the Hippogriff

Plots, past and future

Just wanted to make a new post to raise awareness of the plot discussion which evolved in the Christmas topic. Please come up to speed there if you haven't already.

As I read through that discussion, I'm reminded of a related topic that needs to be discussed: how to arrange the plots/RP, this time around. Shrilk had a good reputation because things were happening often, which I think stems from: 1) it had "writers" in effect, in addition to organic smaller-plots, and 2) players there were good with ad-libbing, plus 3) it had natural conflict, and the writers weren't afraid to sometimes not leave things on a happily-ever-after note.

So it seems there's a little slider-bar between fully centralized and fully decentralized we should establish. Similarly writer vs. actor. Maybe this varies from sphere to sphere, or maybe not. As Kosa said, the "strict RP" atmosphere was central to the whole concept of spheres, and frankly I think this was probably a contributor to its demise, since writing and acting require commitment and coordination (and artistry, among at least a couple people), not just "showing up whenever" and lighthearted frolicking, which is where the Internet really excels. We need to be sure that if we go that way again, it's going to attract and appeal to a significant enough number of participants to make it ACTUALLY FUN for others.

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